Hello world! just a thought on the Lord !!

I love God  whatever be its form.

Where do you find god….no one ever told me….thus I never could go to him….
Sometimes when I try to decide what is right way to be chosen ; and its times like these when I feel god around me …
I’ve come to believe god is within us and nowhere else..he is the right path  we ought to take .
To find  god is not only letting him do his work on you…one has to have faith and act accordingly. Hoping for  miracles  will only get you wondering about the mystical way this world runs on. Only if one can keep thoughts concentrated, have belief and act accordingly ;you will find him or her..as per your wish ofcourse.
Asking the Lord for healing or begging for forgiveness is actually getting yourself father away from who you are. And the god is just within yourself.

What are our true dreams…were those the ones when we were a innocent child?  Realizing ones true dreams is a process of getting the rights figured out. Lean on yourself and respect time ,god will come for your defence, you really dont need to ask him to come to you.

World is a weird place ,try to understand its laws and it just gets  more stranger. Decide to follow whats being followed and you get lost. Surrender to this Weirdness, it all gets so simple. Knowledge is what I crave for and not  simplicity . Help others , have respect for Time ; especially yours. And try living a happy life.



About allshrink

loner.. living for a nice tuner..ps: catchphrases not my cupatea
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